Seller's Information

Home sellers want to sell their home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience. Our unique Marketing Proposal and Action Plan is designed to deliver just that!

Our approach to answering a seller’s questions and when listing a home is simple. We use a low pressure, information intensive approach. We want the seller comfortable with us and the services that we will be providing. When a call comes into our office from a seller, we find out what the seller is looking for. We do not try and persuade someone to sell their home. Sometimes, people just want to know what their home is worth. If that is what they want, then that is what we give them. We do not believe in the "Please list with me” approach to real estate.

When we do get a call from someone who wants to discuss selling their home, we provide: a 10 to 20 page computer generated Comprehensive Market Analysis, a Unique Marketing Proposal, a Market Proven Action Plan and a variety of tips and tricks for making their home show it’s best. This entire process is done with the seller’s needs in mind. We want to find out what specific concerns and questions a seller has so that we can address those areas that are of special concern. In addition to all of these tools that we use to sell homes, we provide a weekly report containing all of the marketing activities and showing feedback from that week. We feel that keeping in touch with the seller and letting them know what is going on is an absolute must!

Sellers have questions that we must be able to answer:

What is my home worth?
How are you going to sell it?
How long will it take to sell?
Will I be tied into a lengthy listing contract?
How will I know if you are doing everything you said you would do?
What makes you different from the other real estate agents?

If you would like to find out more about the seller services that we can provide, contact us today. No hassles, no pressure - just great, honest service.