Housing Types

Single-family dwelling, located on its own lot and is not attached to any adjacent house. It can be in any style of the following :

  • Bungalow
    Detached dwelling, which has one level above ground.
  • Hi-Ranch
    Hi-Ranch is similar to Bungalow but the bedrooms level is usually six steps higher and basement level six steps lower, which creates half and full height in the basement.
  • Two-Storey
    Detached dwelling, which has two levels above ground.
  • Three-Storey
    Detached dwelling, which has three levels above ground.
  • Split-Level
    Detached dwelling, which has multiple levels above ground, levels connected by a small number of stairs, usually 6 steps.

Dwelling, which is attached from one side to another dwelling, each located on their own lot which can be in any style of the following :

  • Semi-Detached Bungalow
  • Semi-Detached Hi-Ranch
  • Semi-Detached Two-Storey
  • Semi-Detached Three-Storey
  • Semi-Detached Split-Level

Row Unit
Three or more dwelling, which are attached together from sides, each located on its own land with separate ownership.

  • Row House
    Row unit dwelling, which the units are attached by the main structure.
  • Carriage Home
    Row unit dwelling, which the units are attached by the garages and make access from front to the back yard possible.

Condominium is a different kind of title, and not the building. The unit owners in the condominium have exclusive ownership, use and responsibility of the unit and undivided interest in the common elements specified in the declaration of the condominium. Any type of property can be a condominium such as :

  • Apartment
    A self-contained unit with one or more levels within a low, mid or high-rise building with common facilities such as parking lots, elevators, etc.
  • Garden Home
    Similar to row house, but with-out the garage, and with condominium ownership.
  • Town House
    Similar to a row house, but with condominium ownership.

Other Types

  • Duplex
    A building which consists of two dwellings units, one above the other, or side-by-side under same ownership.
  • Triplex
    A building which consists of three dwellings units on three floors above ground, under same ownership.
  • Cottage
    Detached single-family dwelling, which is usually a seasonal residence.
  • Mobile
    Moveable housing such as trailer or premade structure which is used as a permanent dwelling, which most of the time is connected to services such electricity, well water, septic system. Usually does not have a permanent foundation, and is located on owned or leased land.